Motor goggles

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Motor goggles

We have a unique assortment of vintage, retro and modern motorcycle goggles for your helmet or cap. Matching for your motorcycle, oldtimer, caferacer or moped. All glasses have their own characteristic features such as different colors of glass or ventilation holes.nA motorcycle goggle usually has large, round glasses or very small "steampunk" glasses. Almost all glasses are made of polycarbonate. This is the strongest plastic that protects against water and wind, but also soft and small rocks. We also have motorcycle goggles with real glasses. In addition, there are frames of different materials such as plastic, brass or stainless steel. The lining is also available in various materials such as rubber, artificial leather or real leather. All motorcycle goggles have an elastic headband so that they fit on every head and helmet.

Our motorcycle collection is very diverse and extensive as previously indicated by the many different models and types of eyewear. The choice in our webshop is deliberately so big so that the customer can make the right combination with the helmets that we offer. For example, if you want to order a jet helmet with glasses, you can choose from different types of eyewear to get the ultimate look.

What is the best glass color for your motorcycle goggles?

Almost all motorcycle goggles in our assortment are available in different glass colors. The standard glass color of motorcycle goggles is clear glass. Clear glass can always be worn and is really an all-rounder. A motorcycle goggle with yellow glass is recommended if you often drive in the evening or night. The yellow glass provides more light / visibility in the dark. The disadvantage of a motorcycle goggle with yellow glasses is that with a lot of sunlight during the day, it consumes too much light and this is bad for your vision. When you drive alone or in good weather (meaning with sun), it is recommended to wear motorcycle glasses with dark / smoke glass. It significantly reduces strong sunlight and provides the most visibility in that situation. However, the disadvantage of this is that at twilight or in the dark there is less light and that is dangerous. Then there are the motorcycle glasses with rainbow glasses or like we call it: multi-color glasses. These have the same darkened function as the smoke glasses, only you can not see the eyes from the outside. This also applies to motorcycle glasses with silver reflection glass. Both glass colors have the added advantage that they bring a certain cool "look" with them. Note that both variants are not motor glasses with self-tinting lenses.

In our webshop it is easy to choose a different glass color for the glasses by just clicking on the color box of the desired glass color. With some models it is possible to buy interchangeable glasses.

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