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Motorcycle goggles for spectacle wearers

We were increasingly asked by customers whether there are motor goggles for spectacle wearers. Now the answer to that is not easy. Yes, there are motorcycle goggles for people with glasses, but not every motorcycle goggle is suitable to wear over your glasses. We have therefore made a selection from our range of motorcycle goggles of which we know from our own experience, but also from our customers that these motorcycle goggles are often suitable.

In addition, you can distinguish between different functions. Motor goggles that you wear over your own glasses and motor goggles that have a special holder for prescription lenses. It is stated in the description of the motorcycle glasses if it contains a lens case.

Please do note, we say "often", because we can never guarantee whether this selection is also suitable for you. Every head and glasses are different and the combination of these two factors also makes a difference. But we dare to say that there is a good chance that one of the motorcycle goggles from this category is suitable.

Are there other factors that you can take into account in advance for the right choice? No, we have already tested everything to see if there are certain requirements, but it is a matter of taste and a bit of luck that one of these motorcycle goggles is the right one for you. Our experience is that the smaller the motorcycle goggles, the more difficult it becomes to combine them with your own glasses.

Motorcycle glasses with prescription

We are often asked whether we also have prescription motor goggles. Unfortunately these are very difficult to come by and unfortunately we do not have them.

If you have ordered a model and it is not suitable for you, you can return it for free!