Motor sunglasses

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Motor sunglasses

Despite a large range of retro motorcycle goggles, we also offer modern motor sun glasses. Of course these fit well with a modern motorcycle. But sometimes the combination of motor goggles with a retro helmet or retro motorcycle is even more beautiful.

An advantage of many models is that they do not have a headband, but glasses legs so you do not have to attach them to the helmet. With the retro models, the lining is often made of (PU) leather, where these models often have a plastic or foam lining and sometimes no lining at all.

Sunglasses for the motorcycle

Many of these motorcycle goggles are real sunglasses for the motorcycle. They contain UV resistant lenses and have a dark or mirrored glass. Which also has the same effect for the eyes, namely that they darken the sunlight. In addition, you have sunglasses with photochrome glasses/lenses. The photochromic or photochromatic technique means that the lenses react immediately when they come into contact with UV light. They automatically darken with a lot of UV light and become light/clear with less UV light. The advantage of these glasses is that you do not have to constantly change lenses or motor goggles. Of course, this technique makes the motorcycle goggles more expensive than average, but it also saves you extra motorcycle goggles and it is therefore advantageous if you are looking for sunglasses for the motorcycle for both circumstances.

Additional lenses are available for a number of models. This way you can also have yellow glasses for driving in the evening or night. Or the dark glass against the sun.