Vintage & retro motor goggles

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Vintage & retro motorcycle goggles

Check out our wide range of vintage and retro motorcycle goggles for your helmet or cap. Suitable for your motorcycle, oldtimer, solex or moped. All glasses have their own characteristic features such as different colors of glass or ventilation holes. Almost all glasses are made of polycarbonate. This is the strongest plastic that protects against water and wind, but also soft or small rocks. All motorcycle goggles have an elastic band so that they fit over every head and helmet.

Old school look

Motorcycle goggles have been around longer than motorcycle helmets and some of the classic goggles have been so successful that you can still buy them. Of course they have been refined in design and we now use better materials. But basically these goggles are still the same and are perfect for the retro design of many of today's cruisers and naked bikes. We have more than 50 vintage and retro models in our range, so there is a perfect retro or vintage pair of glasses for everyone.

Questions about our motorcycle goggles?

Do you have questions about our motorcycle goggles after seeing our range? Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you and respond personally within 12 hours.