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Children's motorcycle helmet

Welcome to our collection of children's motorcycle helmets, where safety comes first! Specially designed for adventurous boys and girls who like to ride on the back of the motorcycle, our helmets offer extra protection and a perfect fit.

It's a fact: when you ride with your kids on the motorcycle, safety is essential. That's why all our helmets are high quality and meet the strict ECE and CE standards. Wearing a helmet is not only wise, it's mandatory.

Whether you're cruising around town or taking a trip through nature, our helmets will ensure your kids are safe and comfortable. Don't take chances when it comes to their well-being - choose a reliable children's helmet that meets all safety standards. Browse our selection today and give your kids the protection they deserve during their motorcycle adventures.

Step-by-step plan for choosing the right size children's helmet (motorcycle)


Determine head size: Use a flexible tape measure to measure the circumference of your child's head. Place the tape just above the eyebrows and make sure it goes completely around the widest part of the head. Record the measurement in centimeters.


Filter by size: Use the measured head size to select from the available sizes for helmets. These sizes can be found in the left column of the children's helmet page.


Choose the right size: Choose the helmet size that most closely matches your child's measured head size. A helmet should fit properly without being too tight, ensuring both optimal protection and comfort while



Head circumference (cm)


47 - 48


49 - 50


51 - 52


53 - 54

Features of our children's motorcycle helmets

Made of durable polycarbonate, these children's helmets offer increased protection and longevity.
With their more compact size than regular jet helmets, they are perfect for both boys and girls.
The external visor not only protects against wind, insects and dirt, but also provides clear vision in all conditions.
The helmet's lightweight design ensures portability and comfort for children of all ages.
In addition, the polycarbonate material offers excellent shock absorption and scratch resistance, further enhancing the helmet's safety and durability.
The washable interior lining ensures freshness and hygiene, while the anti-allergenic padding provides additional comfort, making long rides very enjoyable for your children. 

What to look out for while buying a children's motorcycle helmet.

Imagine a sunny Saturday afternoon, the wind blowing through your hair as you and your children go for a ride on a motorcycle. The feeling of freedom and adventure is unparalleled, but above all, safety is number one. Therefore, choosing the right children's helmet is crucial. It all starts with measuring your child's head circumference. This is the first step to a safe ride. A properly fitting helmet is essential - not too tight, not too loose, but just right. After all, we want our little ones to be both safe and comfortable while riding.

Fortunately, children's helmets are designed specifically with young adventurers in mind. They are smaller in size, perfectly suited to the needs of young riders. But did you know that they can also accommodate adults with smaller heads? This makes safety accessible to all ages. In our extensive selection, you will find a wide range of children's helmets, ranging from vibrant patterns to cool designs. A helmet that matches your child's personal taste not only makes riding safer, but also more fun.

So, while you have your kids on the back and exploring the world together, make sure they are well protected. Choose a child's helmet that embraces not only their head, but also their style. Because safety and fun go hand in hand on the road.”

Our children's helmets meet the highest standards

Our children's motorcycle helmets are the safest choice for your children. With us, safety is always number one. Our helmets are manufactured to the highest safety standards and undergo extensive testing to ensure they meet all requirements. We are proud of the fact that all our helmets are ECE certified and CE approved, which means they meet strict Dutch and European safety regulations. With the ECE mark on our helmets, you can confidently know that your children are optimally protected during every ride. Safety comes first with us, because we understand how important it is to protect your children during their adventures on the motorcycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if the child's motorcycle helmet ventilates properly while riding?
Proper ventilation is essential for your child's comfort while riding. Choose a helmet with integrated vents that provide good airflow.

Are there children's helmets that are suitable for different types of motorcycle riding?
Absolutely, some helmets are specifically designed for certain riding styles, such as touring, off-road or sport riding. Be sure to choose a helmet that fits the type of riding your child will be doing.

How can I make sure the child's motorcycle helmet stays on during a ride?
A helmet with an adjustable chin strap and cheek pads can help adjust the fit and ensure the helmet stays securely in place, even during fast turns.

Are there children's helmets compatible with intercom communication systems?
Yes, some helmets have built-in space or cutouts for communication systems so your child can easily communicate with you while riding.

What is the weight of a typical children's motorcycle helmet?
The weight of a helmet can vary depending on the brand, model and material (825 grams on average). Generally, children's helmets are lighter than adult helmets to maximize your child's comfort while riding.

How can I involve my child in choosing a helmet to ensure it is comfortable and attractive?
Involving your child in choosing a helmet can be fun and make them feel comfortable with their choice. Show them different designs and let them choose their favorite, as long as it meets safety standards.