Pick up, shipping & returns

Pick up order

Allthough we are an online store, we think it is logical that in some cases you want to pick up your order instead of shipping it. That is why we do offer you the possibility to pick up a product and try it on. You can pick up the goods in Hengelo (O), the Netherlands, after making an appointment with us. This is in the east of the Netherlands close to the German border. Payment can be done in cash and by card. You can pick up your order within 48 hours and often even on the same day.


Almost all our products can be shipped in a package. Our system automatically tells you if shipping is possible and what the shipping costs are for every country. For all standard packages the following sizes are used: 175 x 75 x 75 cm. Next to that, all our packages are insured till an amount of € 500. All our packages will be delivered in 1 or 2 working days, depending of the time of order and country. To give you an idea of the shipping costs, we give you an overview for the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

Delivery within the Netherlands (Normally delivered the next business day, sometimes 2 business days)
Envelope shipment from 0 to 2 KG: 4,75 euro (Depending on the size)
Package from 0 tot 10 kg: € 6,95
Orders above 150,00 euro will be shipped free of charge.

Delivery to Belgium (delivery within 1 or 2 business day)
Envelope shipment from 0 to 2 KG: 6,95 euro (Depending on the size)
Package from 0 till 5 kg: € 9,95
Orders above 150,00 euro will be shipped free of charge.

Package to Germany (delivery within 1 to 3 business days, depending on the location)
Envelope shipment from 0 to 2 KG: 4,50 euro (Depending on the size)
Package from 0 till 1 kg: € 7,95
Package from 1 till 5 kg: € 9,95
Orders above 150,00 euro will be shipped free of charge.

Worldwide shipping
We can ship all of our products worldwide. Add your product to the shopping cart and choose your country to see the shipping costs.


We always recommend to read the return rules completely before every purchase. Please read our returning policy thorough so you know how our policy works. The return policy runs from the day you receive your order/products and you will have to return the goods within 14 days after receiving it. Besides that, returning is free for orders within the Netherlands and Belgium at pothelm.nl!

Return staps
To return your order or product, please follow these steps:

1) Contact us by email: [email protected] so we know that you want to return your products.
2) You will receive an email with instructions ánd free return-label.
3) Put the product(s) in the original package, including all other materials and accessoires from the original package.
4) Bring the package to a parcel shop of your own choice.
4) When we receive the return package, we shall check the original package and product(s). 
5) When the product or order is returned proparly we normally pay the full amount back within 2 working days.

Notice: Products which are shipped back and can not be sold again because of poor shipping protection or which you did not tell us you want to return, you have the risk to not get a refund. So please follow our return policy.
* We will not shipp before payment.