Aviator hats

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Aviator hats

If you go cruising with your oldtimer, solex or classic moped, you need to have a complete look. We therefore offer multiple, beautiful aviatorhats, of which some with goggles. So you can make your touring experience complete. They are also called pilot cap or aviator cap. They are not only nice to see, they offer protection against the wind, rain and sun. The goggles really finish the outfit, but they also protect you from bugs or dust in the air.

History of the aviator hat

The pilots' hats became popular in the 1920s when the number of aircrafts with an open cockpit increased. Pilots therefore needed a hat to keep their ears and head warm and glasses against the cold wind in their eyes. The hats are also known because they were mostly worn by the fighter pilots in the first and second world war. When the open cockpits disappeared over the years, the pilots continued to wear these hats as a fashion accessory. The hats were then also picked up by motorcyclists and car drivers as a frequently used accessory. The accessory is not just for the cool look, it also protects against the wind and cold. They remain very popular among these groups of drivers in this day and age.

We offer hats made of leatherette and real leather. They all have a chin buckle or strap and some have safety clip for the goggle.
The hand made aviator hats are the most beautiful and available in different sizes and some are adjustable for your head.

What is the best aviator hat for you?

Based on our knowledge and experience we will name the most important advantages and disadvantages so that you can make the right choice. The most important thing for you to know in which sizes the hat has to offer protection. Obviously, it is not about falling protection like the helmets, but the weather conditions. All hats protect against the wind and to some extent from the rain. For example, the unlined pilot hats do not provide protection against the cold. Yet this is a popular model because of the "looks". Because these hats are not lined, they make your head less big. These models are often called pilots caps.
In addition, there are the padded pilot hats. It's best to choose these pilot hats if you want to protect yourself from the cold. These hats can also be used if it is less cold so they are not tied to a specific season.
In addition, you can make a choice out of genuine leather pilot hats and leatherette hats. The advantage of real leather is that it is more sustainable, which means that it lasts longer. Obviously, real leather pilots hats look nicer, but they are more expensive. The PU leather hats are easier to clean and keep. They are a lot cheaper, often they are less comfortable and they retain the color less well due to the weather conditions.

All hats will be delivered with a chrome motor goggle clear glass. Do you want the hat with for example a pilot goggle or different glass colour? Everything is possible, just make a choice from the different options on the product page.

Choose your favorite combination and prepare yourself for the ultimate roadtrip!

Not sure about the size? Please find the instructions on how to measure your (helmet) size here.