Jet helmets for your motor, scooter or mopet

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BHR 803 retro open face helmet black
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Jet helmets

Are you looking for a jet helmet for your Vespa or classic moped? Our jet helmets often have a retro or classic look. Many of our jet helmets are therefore supplied with matching glasses. This completes the look! We have both helmets with ECE quality mark and without.
In addition, a sun visor or bubble visor can be attached to some jet helmets, you can order them if it is not deliverd standard with the helmet! These additional options are available in multiple colors.

History of the jet helmet

You want to achieve the old look with the classic motorcycle or moped, for which a short retrospective is needed.
Despite the fact that the jet helmets only became mandatory in the 1970s, they had been worn (sporadically) since the 1910s. First we had the half helmets that were carried by the army in England and then the jet helmets as we know them from the 1950s onwards. The origins of the helmets in the earlier years were very diverse. From a professor in California who was going to design a helmet for the police to a racing team owner who wanted to do something against the many head injuries that he saw. Despite the fact that in the following years more and more models were designed and produced that looked more modern, the jet helmet has always remained a popular model that has always been able to compete with the best selling helmet categories in the world.

Jet helmet with goggle and/or visor

At we have created a large range of beautiful and unique jethelmets for all visitors to our site and we are also constantly expanding the range. In addition to the variety of designs and colours, we also have jet helmets with a built-in visor or without a visor. But please notice, there are jet helmets with and without push buttons. A sun visor or bubble visorcan only be attached to a jet helmet with push buttons.
You can also make a combination of a jet helmet with glasses with us. The motorcycle goggles and aviator goggles that we offer are available with various coloured glasses so there is always a nice combination to make. Do you want a jet helmet with motor goggles and / or visor? Order it right away with our special tool so you can your set complete. Because we like to make your ride complete.

Not sure which helmet to order or do you have another question? Then you can contact us directly! You can reach us daily by telephone and via e-mail.

Please find the instructions on how to measure your helmet size here.