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Discover Our Durable Motorcycle Bags, Saddle Bags and Tool Rolls

Did you know that the original tool rollers were used by medieval craftsmen to carry their tools? Like them, modern motorcyclists now carry their essential tools in style!

Enter the world of motorcycling, where tool rolls and motorcycle saddle bags are more than just practical tools. They are a subtle way to express your style on the road, adding a personal touch to every ride.

Solutions to Practical Challenges: The Role of the Tool Roll and Saddle Bag on the Motorcycle

A Motor Saddle Bag or Motor Tool Roll offer solutions to practical challenges motorcyclists may face:

  1. Storage Space Without Overload:
    Both accessories provide additional storage space for tools, clothing and other necessities without overloading the motorcyclist with excessive luggage.
  2. Organization and Accessibility:
    A tool roll organizes tools in a structured manner, allowing quick access without the risk of loss or damage. Saddlebags provide organized storage for personal items.
  3. Efficient Maintenance:
    A tool roll allows for easy maintenance and minor repairs on the road, increasing the reliability of the bike. Saddlebags provide space for spare clothing and other items for comfort while riding.
  4. Flexibility for Longer Rides:
    Both saddlebags and tool rolls contribute to the flexibility of motorcyclists on longer rides, where additional storage is essential.
  5. Stylish Addition to the Motorcycle:
    In addition to functionality, both accessories serve as stylish additions to leather motorcycle gloves or a retro half helmet, adding a personal touch to the overall look.
  6. Secure Storage Option:
    Both accessories offer secure storage for valuables, tools and other necessities, minimizing the risk of loss.

Saddle Bag and Tool Roll Materials.

The Motor tool roll is made of high-quality cowhide leather, with specific attention to the split and grain layer. This material is known for its durability and sturdiness, making the tool roll resistant to daily wear and tear. The use of the finest cowhide leather not only results in a robust product, but also a timeless aesthetic that will last. The inspiration for the saddlebags and motorcycle tool rolls is derived from our range of motorcycle footwear, allowing us to offer a full range of leather gear.

Using cowhide leather for tool rolls is not only a choice for durability, but also for the natural properties of the material. Here are some important aspects of the split and grain layers in cowhide leather:

  1. Split layer:
    The split layer refers to the lower part of the cowhide leather, which is separated from the upper, finer grain layer. The split layer is often firmer and offers excellent abrasion resistance.
  2. Grain layer:
    The grain layer is the upper part of the cattle leather, known for its fine texture and natural markings. This layer gives the leather its distinctive look and provides a soft, supple touch.
  3. Durability:
    Using both the split and grain layers gives the leather a balanced combination of strength and suppleness. This makes it ideally suited for products such as tool rollers that must withstand daily wear and tear.
  4. Natural Drawing:
    The grain layer preserves the leather's natural characteristics, such as small scars, pores and color nuances. These characteristics contribute to the unique look of each piece of leather.

The two metal buckle closures on the tool roll are not only functional, but also add a touch of ruggedness to the design. Made of durable metal, these closures provide a secure and sturdy way to close the tool roll, keeping the contents safely stored during your motorcycle travels.

Water Repellent Features of the Motorcycle Saddle Bag and Tool Roll

The use of advanced tanning techniques results in the creation of highly durable leather for our products. This leather is not only robust but also water repellent, making it resistant to various weather conditions. By utilizing these high-quality tanning techniques, we strive to create the perfect combination of durability and water resistance so that our products last a long time and withstand the challenges of daily use.


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