Fashion helmets for your Vespa

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Origine sprint rebel star jet helmet grey

Vespa helmets

Do you want to make the most of your Vespa?We sell lots of fashion helmets that go perfectly with the appearance of your Vespa.Many Vespa helmets have a retro look, but we also have modern helmets for sale.Striking colours, basic colours, matt or gloss, there is more than enough choice.We have a helmet for pretty much every Vespa to complete your look.The Vespa helmet is not only suitable for the Vespa, but also for a moped, motorcycle and many other types of scooters.

History of the brand Vespa

The Vespa brand was founded shortly after the war in 1946 by Corradino d’Ascanio, who combined mechanical engineering and creativity in a functional and simple vehicle.The brand is innovative and revolutionary and contains elements that now also ensure that the scooter is a style icon.The name Vespa comes from the hum of the engine.Vespa is the Italian word for wasp and this name is now known worldwide.The scooter is not only a very convenient means of transport, it is also a true fashion statement.

We sell helmets with the ECE mark, but also without. We have helmets in our range with a visor and / or sun visor, which can be ordered if they are not included as standard. Still looking for a different helmet for your Vespa? Take a look at our jet helmets or half helmets.

Not sure about the size? Please find the instructions on how to measure your helmet size here.