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Brown leather driving gloves
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Brown fingerless leather gloves


The retro gloves assortment of is largely selected on the classic look one wants to create in combination with that classic moped, motorcycle and car. There are various styles and variants available. The entire range consists of leather gloves, sometimes specified in men's gloves or ladies gloves.
One point of underestimation is driving without gloves. On the motor they are often worn but not on the old moped or in classic car. Gloves all provide more grip on the handles or steering wheel, which not only improves driving behavior but more importantly; the safety.
But what are the best gloves for you? The request depends on a number of factors that we have explained below.

Types of leather for gloves

In our range of leather gloves there are different types of leather. There is the goat leather line that is characterized by a smooth fit so that you can keep moving your hands more than average. Also goat leather is much softer than other types of leather and therefore it feels much finer. The disadvantage is that it is also thinner and therefore more vulnerable and less suitable for intensive use.
Then there are the cow leather gloves. Cow leather is somewhat thicker and therefore firmer and therefore it lasts longer, even with intensive use. The disadvantage is that it is slightly stiffer than goat leather and tears slightly faster than PU leather.
PU leather gloves are made of plastic, also called fake leather and fall under the category split leather. Nowadays the difference with real leather is hard to see. The advantage is that it is a lot cheaper and easier against water and can be cleaned. The disadvantage is that it is less comfortable and doesn't stays in good conition for a long time, it often becomes dull in color.
Finally, we also have gloves with lambskin leather. This leather feels very soft and the quality is very high and is often used for luxury products. The disadvantage is that it is also very vulnerable and therefore especially suitable for show and less for intensive use.

Gloves for every vehicle

You will find gloves for every vehicle in our range. But not everything is suitable for every vehicle. For example, the fully closed and / or lined gloves are suitable as motorcycle gloves. Your hands get faster cold and need full protection. If you drive a lot in good weather, more open gloves are also possible.
An exception are the drivers for choppers. For this there are the well-known fingerless gloves or gloves without tops. This mainly concerns the "looks", but the glove provides grip in comparison with the bare hands.

For driving gloves we recommend the (partially) open gloves. These provide more ventilation. If you drive in an open car like a classic convertible, gloves with perforation holes are a godsend. They are often also referred to as racing gloves or driving gloves, because you are busy driving and your body heats up while these gloves contain better ventilation.

For the solex or old moped, all gloves are possible and the choice mainly depends on which weather you are going to tour. If you drive especially in good weather, the open gloves are sufficient. But if you drive with rain or in winter, the closed and / or padded gloves are recommended.

Moped gloves

Our motorcycle gloves are not only suitable for the motorcycle. The gloves are also perfect to wear on a moped or scooter. These gloves are made for easy access to the brake, so a lot safer than normal gloves that are often worn on the moped. Our gloves keep you nice and warm, provide a secure grip and above all offer protection.

There are many different varieties in different colours and for every type of season. Most gloves are made of leather and do not discolour due to the rain or the sun and are also ideal as leisure gloves. View our range for your new moped gloves now and enjoy many safe miles on your moped or scooter.

If you need advice for the type of glove or the material? Feel free to contact us.

Not sure about the size? Please find the instructions on how to measure your glove size here.