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Everything you need to know about our Motorcross Goggles

Cross goggles are essential for off-road motorcycling because of the specific challenges of off-road riding. These goggles offer protection from windblown dust, mud and insects, while also providing clear vision and eye protection during fast and rough rides. The sturdy construction and elastic strap design keep the goggles securely in place even in demanding conditions, allowing motorcyclists to experience comfort and safety on off-road trails.

Cross goggles offer several advantages for off-road motorcycling:

  1. Eye protection: Protects eyes from windblown dust, mud, branches and insects, which is essential in off-road adventures.
  2. Clear vision: Features special lenses that ensure clear vision even in dusty or muddy conditions, promoting safety.
  3. Support and stability: The elastic strap design ensures the goggles stay firmly in place even during fast and bumpy rides, reducing distractions.
  4. Ventilation: Designed with vents to minimize lens fogging and allow better airflow.
  5. Tough construction: Made of durable materials that can withstand rough conditions such as falls and bumps, extending the life of the goggles.
  6. Compatibility with helmets: The design is tailored to helmet wear, allowing the goggles to be worn comfortably over the helmet

Cross goggles are an indispensable accessory for off-road motorcycling, where providing protection, clear vision and stability is crucial.

What activities are motocross goggles suitable for?

Cross goggles are typically used during off-road motorcycle riding, particularly in the following situations:

  1. Motocross and Supercross: During professional or recreational motocross and supercross events, where the terrain is often challenging with jumps, turns and rough surfaces.
  2. Enduro and trail riding: In off-road riding on rugged trails, forest areas, and dirt roads where the environment can be variable and demanding.
  3. Cross-country racing: In long-distance off-road races, such as cross-country events, where conditions can vary and protection from dust, mud, and obstacles is essential.
  4. Motor desert racing: During desert races where dust and sandy conditions are common.
  5. Trial riding: When riding on technical and rocky terrain where precision and eye protection are important.

In all these occasions, the cross country goggles provide protection from environmental factors, such as dust, mud, branches and insects, and provide clear vision, which is essential for the rider's safety and performance during off-road adventures.

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