Leather driving gloves for men & women

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Brown fingerless leather gloves
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Brown leather driving gloves

Driving gloves

Let's start with a misunderstanding immediately. We call this category car gloves, because they are officially car gloves. Of course, they are also very suitable as gloves for a classic motorcycle or moped, but also as a summer glove or as a fashion item.
Car gloves are distinguished from motorcycle gloves by the lining and protection. Because you don't need a fall protection in a car. Car gloves are therefore usually unlined gloves and are usually not provided with Kevlar or a CE mark.

In addition, the gloves are often not completely closed. This means that, for example, large or small holes are incorporated in it or that the glove is partially open.

Why you should wear driving gloves?!

That question has several answers. Originally, car gloves were developed to protect your hands against any splinters of the wooden handlebars that cars used to have in the past.
The wooden handlebars could also become slippery and then the leather driving gloves provide a better grip. Car gloves are also often used against cold hands in the car, during the summer and winter.

The main reason why people buy car gloves these days is because this fits the car and especially with a classic car this completes the picture of course. How nice is it when you have for example a black car or black leather upholstery and could combine this with a pair of black leather car gloves. A reason that many people don’t know, but it is an important reason.

We distinguish whole fingers driving gloves and fingerless driver gloves. With whole fingers is meant the models which completely cover the fingers and with the fingerless gloves the fingers are halfly covered or not covered at all.

Ladies' and men’s driving gloves

The difference between ladies’ gloves and men's car gloves is only in size. The models will not differ. The small sizes are especially suitable for women and the large sizes for men. All colors and models are worn by both men and women. Some brands seem to make a distinction in the type of glove, but the reality is that the are the same in the size.

Not sure about the size? Please find the instructions on how to measure your glove size here.