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Children's Helmet Scooter

As parents, we understand better than anyone the concern that comes with seeing your child on a scooter. Safety is always paramount, which is why using a child's helmet for scooters is essential. Whether it is a ride to school, a trip to the convenience store or simply an adventurous trip around the neighborhood, a children's scooter helmet provides an important layer of protection for their fragile head. Using a child's scooter helmet is not only a wise choice, but also a legal requirement. We understand that buying a helmet for your child is a careful decision. That is why it is important to invest in a quality scooter helmet that meets all safety standards. With the right children's scooter helmet, both you and your child can enjoy the scooter experience with peace of mindBottom form


Step-by-step plan for Choosing the Right Size Children's Scooter Helmet


1Measure your child's head size: Use a flexible tape measure to measure the circumference of your child's head. Place the tape measure just above the eyebrows, making sure it goes around the widest part of the head. Read the measurement in centimeters.
2Filter by size: Use the measured head size to filter by the available helmet sizes. These can be found in the left column on the children's helmet category page.
3Choose the right size: Select the helmet size closest to your child's measured head size. It is important that the helmet fits snugly on the head without being too tight. A good fit provides optimal protection and comfort while riding the scooter.




Head circumference (cm)


47 - 48


49 - 50


51 - 52


53 - 54


Everything you need to know about our children's scooter helmets

Made of durable polycarbonate for optimal protection and long-lasting use.
External visor protects against wind, flies and debris, maintaining clear vision.
Lightweight design makes the helmet portable and comfortable for any child.
Washable interior ensures hygiene and freshness, while anti-allergic lining provides extra comfort.

What to look for while buying a scooter child helmet.

When choosing the right scooter children's helmet, two important factors are essential: your child's head circumference and the fit of the helmet. The helmet should sit securely on the head for optimal protection and comfort while riding. When trying on, make sure the fit is snug around the head and that the chin strap closes properly without being too tight or too loose.

We also offer children's scooter helmets with fun and colorful patterns, so your child will enjoy hitting the road. With a helmet that suits their personal taste and style, your child's riding enjoyment will be even greater.

Safety Assured: Our Children's Helmets Meet the Highest Standards

Safety comes first with us. Therefore, all our children's scooter helmets are produced according to the strictest guidelines and meet all required inspections and certificates. You can rest assured, because all our helmets are ECE approved and comply with both Dutch and European safety standards. With us, your child's safety is always number one.


Frequently Asked Questions

What size children's helmet do I need for my child?
The right size children's helmet is determined according to your child's head circumference. Please consult the helmet size chart.

How can I check the fit of the helmet?
To check the fit, the helmet should sit firmly but comfortably on your child's head without being too tight or too loose. The chin strap should close securely.

Does a child's helmet have to meet specific safety standards?
Yes, a child's helmet must meet specific safety standards, such as ECE markings, to provide optimal protection.

How often should I check the child's helmet for damage or wear?
Check the child's helmet regularly for damage or wear, such as before every ride, to ensure that the helmet still provides optimal protection.

Are helmets with fun designs available for my child?
Yes, many children's helmets with fun and colorful designs are available to enhance your child's riding enjoyment.

What are the best brands of children's helmets on the market?
Some well-known brands for children's helmets are BHR, IXS, but there are many other brands that produce quality helmets.