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Lenses & accessories

When choosing a motorcycle goggle or pilot goggles in our online shop, you can immediately choose which colour lenses (or glasses) you want with most models. However, there are a number of goggles where you can also order separate lenses so that you can use different colours for different parts of the day. We are talking about an extra set of lenses for the T1 / T2 / T3 and retro glasses of the brand Aviator Goggle.

Besides this brand, there are also separate lenses to order for certain Halcyon goggles.

Which color lenses should I choose?

The standard lens color is clear. This transparent lens can always be worn, so during all parts of the day. In addition to clear lenses, there is also yellow. Yellow lenses are often used by people who drive in the evening or at night so that you have more visibility in the dark. There is a small disadvantage to this color because when you wear yellow lenses during the day, it causes too much light for your eyes when the sun shines.

An extra set of dark (smoke) lenses are only recommended if you drive a lot during the day and when the sun is shining. It reduces the light properly and can thus be compared with the effect of sunglasses. To use motorcycle goggles with dark lenses in the evening or at night is therefore too dangerous and we do not recommend this at all. Finally, there are the sets with silver or blue reflection lenses. With these lenses you can not see the eyes from the outside and gives it especially a cool and nice look to person that wears them.

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