Leather half helmets

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Leather half helmets

Leather half helmets have a nice retro and old school look. You can not argue about taste and if you go for that vintage motorcycle look of the earlier years, then there is nothing as authentic as a retro half helmet.

History of the half helmets

Our collection of leather half helmets is very extensive and is based on the first helmets that were designed and worn by motorcyclists. These were made for the British army in the 1930s and 1940s, following an officer who was shocked when his colleague died after an motorcycle accident. His colleague did not wear head protection, which was quite normal at the time, and unfortunately died as a result. The officer, who was also a doctor, started an investigation to find out how many accidents occurred with fatal head injuries. As a result, he published the outcome of his research in the British medical journal. That was quite unique as it was the first time that such a subject was written and published for the general public. The officer's efforts quickly paid off, because in 1941 it became compulsory for the entire British army to wear helmets during motorcycling. These helmets were called the 'pudding bowl' helmets, better known nowadays as half helmets.

Matching glasses

In this category you will find a 'pudding bowl' for your classic motorcycle or cafe racer. The leather haf helmets we have selected are all equipped with cool, matching glasses. These glasses are removable because they are attached to a clip on the back of the helmet. Do you prefer a different motorcycle goggles that matches your style, you can order it directly at the bottom of the productpage of the helmet.
A sun visor can also be purchased with each model, in black and matt. Questions about a helmet? Feel free to contactus, we will respond personally within 12 hours.