Helmet size meusuring

Found a nice vintage half helmet or retro helmet, but no idea which size of the helmet you need?
No problem! Most of our helmets have universal size, which means it has 1 size. These helmets can be made larger for your head by us or yourself. So our helmets are suitable for almost everybody. 

We do have some helmets with sizes. Determining the right size of your helmet seems difficult thrue the internet, but it isn't! 

By measuring your head at the widest place can you determine your size. Beneath you will find all sizes in which you can determine your helmet size. The number centimeters are matching with the inside of the helmet. So our helmets will fit perfectly.

53 – 54 cm = XS
55 – 56 cm = S
57 – 58 cm = M
59 – 60 cm = L
61 – 62 cm = XL
63 – 64 cm = XXL

If you have any doubts or questions concerning your size, please contact us.