Helmet mandatory for moped riders

The word is out. At the insistence of doctors, there will soon be a helmet requirement for mopeds in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, there are still too many accidents with moped riders and the fact that this target group does not wear a helmet does not contribute to this. Three years ago, a letter was sent to the House of Representatives with an urgent request to introduce a helmet requirement for mopeds. This has now finally been answered. The official date has not yet been set. The national government of the Netherlands writes that all moped riders will probably be required to wear a moped helmet from the first of January 2023.

Which helmets can I wear on the moped?

The mandatory helmets must then have an ECE quality mark. This means that they have been approved by the Dutch government on the basis of certain tests. The vast majority of our collection of jet helmets and Vespa helmets have such a quality mark. The helmet range of pothelm.nl has a wide variety of different models. In addition to the different colours and designs, we offer helmets with and without an integrated sun visor and you can also choose whether you want a helmet with or without push buttons to attach a sun visor or visor.

The jet helmets and Vespa helmets in our range are supplied without goggles. If you also want to have nice matching motor goggles, you can of course always order them. This can be done during the ordering process. We also offer the option to order a visor (if these are not included as standard), which will make the helmet even more stylish.