Half helmet EC / ECE marking

Sometimes we get the question if a half helmet has an EC or ECE mark?
The answer: A real half helmet, a helmet which is half round, does never have a EC or ECE mark.
Some companies can name their helmet an half helmet, while it doens't meat the previous description, so these rules will not affect those helmets.
Looking for a real half helmet? You will find them here.

This doens't say anything about the safety a half helmet offers. We offer plenty of half helmets that doesn't have a EC mark, but still are safe to use. This means, they will offer a certain kind of protection. This differs per helmet. We are not responsible for any kind of damage while wearing an helmet of ours.

In the Netherlands you are obligated to have EC / ECE marked helmet while driving a two wheel motorcycle which has a helmet obligation for the public road.

So you can wear a half helmet on a privat property or on a two-wheel motorcycle which has no helmet obligation. This is on your own risk.

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