Helmet duty moped riders Amsterdam

The decision has been made. From April 8, 2019, it is required by the municipality of Amsterdam that the drivers of mopeds should drive on the main road and must therefore wear a helmet. This concerns the area within the ring A10. Incidentally, the rule applies to all mopeds, including those with a blue license plate (also the electric variants).

Which helmets can I wear in Amsterdam?

The mandatory helmets must then have an ECE mark. This means that they have been approved by the Dutch government on the basis of certain tests. The vast majority of our collection of jet helmets has an ECE mark. The jet helmets in our range are delivered without goggles. The jet helmets range of pothelm.nl has a wide variety of different models. In addition to the different colors and desings we offer jet helmets with and without integrated sun visor and you can also choose whether you want a jet helmet with or without push buttons.
This means that our half helmets are not aloud the mopeds within the Ring of Amsterdam. Outside the ring of Amsterdam it is aloud for mopeds with a blue license plate to drive with a classic half helmet.

If you also want to have a nice pair of motorcycle goggles then you can of course always order it togheter with the helmet. This can be done during the ordering process. Furthermore, we offer the option to order a visor and (extra) sun visor that will make the helmet even more stylish.

More information

The municipality is mainly concerned with ensuring the safety of the residents of the city and the moped drivers. In Amsterdam, around 35,000 moped riders go around and every year many complaints are filed about how they drive around the city. The new measure must therefore improve the infrastructure and reduce the number of road casualties.

The municipality will place a new symbol on places where you have to enter the main road. Also, the first two months traffic controllers are used to help people with the new rules.

More information about the rules can be found on the website of the municipality of Amsterdam.