Head, neck & face protection

We have a unique collection of facial protection. Our product range consists of bandanas, balaclavas, masks and hats.
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View our diverse collection of face protection on this page. For example, we have various balaclavas which are mainly worn over your head and under your helmet. These mainly serve for extra isolation and protection against water, wind and/or cold. The bandanas can be worn in different ways, are easy to use and protect against wind and cold. We also have knitted hats from Carhartt. These are warm, insulating and fit everyone because of the stretch material.


Motorcyclist face masks are used for a variety of subjects such as preventing rain or preventing small flies from being swallowed while riding a motorcycle. Our face masks can be perfectly combined with our retro and vintage helmets, which are also available in the same colours. So if you go for that cool look, you should definitely take a look at our face masks for the motorcycle! The face masks are suitable for both men and women and therefore fall into the unisex category.